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  • Instructions on how to set up a 'studio' in your own home
  • Guidance on optional lighting and equipment
  • Learning how to edit your headshot 
  • 40% Discount on the full VHA 

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Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec
Owner and Creator

About the instructor

Hey! I’m Rachel Balkovec, the first woman ever hired as a full time hitting coach and full time strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball.

As a young professional, I had to navigate important and difficult career altering decisions all on my own.

After years of making mistakes, and struggling to get noticed by the industry, I finally discovered the secret to standing out from a crowded pack, truly showcasing my unique abilities and ultimately landing a job in men's professional sports.

Today, when I’m not working as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees, I spend my time teaching other professionals what I’ve learned, helping them navigate all of the challenging, and costly decisions that come with growing a thriving career.

Learn More About Rachel and Apply for One on One Career Coaching Here:

This is by far the EASIEST thing you will do to save money in the near future.  Create your OWN professional headshot rather than spending over $150 with a professional photographer

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