Your Guide to More Confidence in your Social Media Presentation

Social media can be used for good OR evil!  This course will help you to understand the importance of social media for a professional and what to post for different niches of your profession.  You will also get great ideas on content that can really highlight your values, experiences and knowledge all through a social media account.  Thankfully I was able to include an interview with a Virtual Handshake Academy graduate at the end to illustrate just what a good profile looks like when you are doing it right.  

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What's included?

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Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec
Owner and Creator

About the instructor

Hey! I’m Rachel Balkovec, the first woman ever hired as a full time hitting coach and full time strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball.

As a young professional, I had to navigate important and difficult career altering decisions all on my own.

After years of making mistakes, and struggling to get noticed by the industry, I finally discovered the secret to standing out from a crowded pack, truly showcasing my unique abilities and ultimately landing a job in men's professional sports.

Today, when I’m not working as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees, I spend my time teaching other professionals what I’ve learned, helping them navigate all of the challenging, and costly decisions that come with growing a thriving career.

Learn More About Rachel and Apply for One on One Career Coaching Here:

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Use Your Social Media for Good, Not Evil.

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