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When I was a college student, I had no idea how to put together my professional materials.  Unfortunately, it has only recently dawned on me how much that set me back in my job seeking.  After looking at thousands of resumes and fielding hundreds of questions from young professionals, I decided it was time.  I needed to make a course to answer all of the questions that I get so frequently.  

Hence, the Virtual Handshake Academy was born.  Any more, we don't get an opportunity to walk in and shake someone's hand.  We can't hand them our resume and shine our pearly whites while dressed in our best to make the first impression.  With the global society that we are living in, we often only get to present ourselves to future employers via the internet.  That is daunting if you don't know how to shake someone's hand through email without gripping their hand too tight or giving them a dead fish!  This course will walk you through the how to's on almost every aspect of your virtual presentation.  It will give you the confidence you need to send out your materials to anyone you've ever wanted to contact. 

*25% of all revenue goes to my scholarship for young professionals!

What's included?

15 Videos
Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec
Owner and Creator

About the instructor

Rachel has been creating, reading and improving resumes and cover letters for over 10 years.  She has been a part of hiring over 20 staff members in the field of strength and conditioning and therefore has a wealth of experience in reviewing professional materials and identifying what really stands out in the crowd.

Get the confidence you need to make a good first virtual impression!


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